Bio-Energy Balancing

Bionetics: Explaining what SpectraVision does

Let’s take a closer look at the process. If you were to be tested, after the wrist cuff is applied and calibration button is pressed, a type of bio-link is created. The process although it looks simple, is quite complex: The easiest way to understand the process is by visualizing a perfect sine wave pulsing through the body. During the calibration process the specific readings of this sine wave are taken ad then in response to the calibration process, a chorus of cellular responses coming from throughout the organism creates a unique energetic signal or electronic pattern that says, “this is me.” For the sake of illustration, let’s say that this represents your body’s tonic (baseline) or basic resonance – this would be considered as your unique electronic signature. At this time, the body and the SpectraVision are in “sync” and the process of testing can begin.

After the test begins, the base energetic signal is interrupted with an interference signal, similar to how a holographic picture is taken. As the signature sine wave cycles along, additional frequencies enter the scene as they are inducted into the body – signals which either enhance or disturb the base pattern resonance. The body’s cell will respond to this new input by altering their own resonance to either enhance the harmony or try to protect from the negative energy and overcome the disharmony. In either case, the distorted sine wave says, “this is me with this substance (toxin or bacteria etc.).” The input signal creates a change in frequencies from the body, which echo back to the SpectraVision. These changes are measured and stored by the computer. Even he tiniest of changes in the signals are each measured and recorded.

The “Scan” during the test induces digital signals into the body’s energy system (BioField) in a non-invasive way. (It won’t make a permanent change to the unique energetic signal). The introduction of digital signals into the the body is done through the process of induction. Induction is similar to how a radio works. the body interprets the induction signals and the reaction from the signal is picked up by the SpectraVision.

Due to its sensitivity, the responses are characterized, categorized and analyzed. As each signal is induced into the body, it is tested and measured several different times during the test, at which point the cell no longer provide any significant measurable responses. This is all done in what we call the multi-channel mode.

The SpectraVision software then sorts and gathers information according to specific mathematical asymmetries and the practitioner is taught how to interpret the various data taken during the twelve minute assessment.

This data is then compared to the Voll Measurement Points ad a unique “energetic” therapy is applied using electromagnetics, stimulation, low level light lasers, essential oils or physical stimulation. This therapy along with recommended changes in lifestyle is designed to bring about “Homeostasis” or balance to the organism. True Health is the ability of the organism to be able to remain in homeostasis regardless of what stress that it encounters. This dynamic resiliency is built up or enhanced by Voll Polarity Therapy.

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