Fee Schedules

Fee Schedules

The health assessments and coaching we offer at Advanced Allergy Centers are considered CAM or Complimentary Alternative Medicine and are not covered by any health insurance company. We have had some Health Savings Accounts that do cover this but this is determined by your company. We do accept checks, cash and the following credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, and Discover.

Please see our Allergy Bucks referral program.

Initial visit: 1 hour $190
During this visit will be taking a history and determining where we need to begin. We will explain the process that we will be moving through and you will have your first session.

Follow Ups: 1/2 hour $90
During these visits we will determine what needs to be treated next and a treatment will be provided.

NSRT Supplement Check/Balance: 1/2 hour $90 (up to 10 items checked and balanced if needed)

NSRT 15 minute $45 (additional items in increments of 5)
Many times during our lifetimes our bodies begin to see the supplements/medications that have been prescribed to us as stressors. If this becomes the case, your body will not be able to overcome the present symptoms. This service allows us to determine if what you are taking is becoming a stressor to your body. We can run a check and balance the body to the supplements if needed. We do not advise you to stop any medications as only the prescribing doctor can do that.

NSRT 1 hour Polarity $190
Some people with complicated or chronic health issues may require some advanced worked beyond the regular treatments. These visits will take 1 + hour. These visits are recommended in 4 week increments.

AURA PTL II Programs

Single visit PTL II $60/ Combo PTL visit $90
Protocols: Each protocol requires a certain amount of visit to accomplish complete results. These programs also incorporate supplementation matched to the patient’s symptoms to activate the body’s innate restorative powers. Each protocol is priced differently. We can provide this information on your first visit.

We love and appreciate referrals, as it allows us to keep the cost of this technology within a reasonable price. For every person that an already existing patient refers to our office, that existing patient will receive a $15 Allergy Bucks to be used towards service/products at our office. You can also choose to give this Allergy Buck to a family or friend. The person who is being referred (or the new patient) to our office will receive a $20 Allergy Buck to be used towards the initial visit services and/or product.