Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy

Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy

NRST is a brilliantly conceived technology that combines cold laser therapy, non-cognitive biofeedback, and homeopathy into one integral program that can help clean out years or even decades of accumulated toxic waste from the body. It is the premier resource for natural detoxification. 

The NRST technology and the “Induction Laser” were invented in the United States five years ago; however, the components that are combined to create the therapy have been well researched for over 30 years. NRST can be used safely by adults and children of any age. The “Induction Laser” that is used during the NRST protocol is a class 3a Cold Laser and has been FDA approved for use. Over 500 studies have been done on cold lasers in the past 30 years without a single negative side effect reported.

Advanced Allergy Centers has provided NRST therapy to patients since 2010 with remarkable results. NRST is also an extremely economical therapy in today’s market. Previous therapies that have tried to produce similar results took longer and cost three to four times the amount. At Advanced Allergy Centers we make a commitment to our patients to always be on the cutting edge of alternative health care, bringing our patients the best therapies at the best price.

How It Works:

Today’s top health experts all agree on one undeniable fact, that we live in a world that has become inundated with un-natural toxins. Because these toxins are all around us, our bodies can become overwhelmed and “passive”, not knowing what to do with these foreign invaders. Toxins accumulate very slowly in most cases, taking years or even decades to reach a critical level. Over time the body can become complacent and weak, not knowing what to do or how to clean the system.

NRST shows the body what it needs to be detoxified and how to do it by feeding homeopathic frequencies directly to the nervous system via the Induction Cold Laser System. Homeopathy has been used for over 200 years to naturally detoxify and heal the body.

The NRST system uses a state of the art non-cognitive bio-feedback unit to assess your body’s stress levels and fine tune the homeopathic frequencies to your specific needs. During each of the 10 NRST sessions a different set of toxins and body irritants (allergens) is screened for and cleared homeopathically.

For weeks, or in some cases months, after the NRST therapy your body will clear out both natural and industrial toxins at an accelerated rate. When combined with the correct supportive nutritional protocol this program can reduce the toxic burden that leads to many modern ailments.

Common Questions about NRST

Q: What is NRST?
A: NRST is an innovative system that uses cold laser therapy, non-cognitive biofeedback, and homeopathy to aid the body in detoxification; the positive result(s) of this “cleaning” are endless, but for many patients it decreases or eliminates the severity of allergy and sensitivity reactions.

Q: How does it work?
A: NRST starts with a SpectraVision scan. This device picks up your body’s response to possible irritants, toxins, allergens and their relation to emotional stressors. Next, we use the Spectra Vision to find the body’s “antidote” frequencies to these stress responses. The third step utilizes a newly discovered technology called an “induction LASER” to send the antidote frequencies to the nervous system where allergy and sensitivity messages begin.

Q: What types of conditions does NRST help with?
A: When the body reduces its “toxic load” (years of junk food, cigarette smoke, bad oils, environmental toxins, hairspray, etc.) it is able to find the energy to heal, feel energetic and balance itself. It is also the most thorough way to address all types of allergens: environmental, foods, chemicals, pets and others.

Q: How effective is NRST?
A: 80% -85% of the current treatment population reports significant improvements with the basic protocol. The other 15% – 20% will require additional procedures such as additional detoxification protocols or stress reduction work to reach a similar level of improvement. In some instances, additional NRST sessions may be necessary.

Q: Is there currently any research data proving the effectiveness of the NRST procedure?
A: There is not. NRST is a new procedure. The Induction LASER technology is only 2 years old and is still in the research and development stages. It is, however, a registered Class 3a Diode LASER which has been cleared for use with patients. Over 20 years of research and use of Class 3a (Cold) Lasers has yet to turn up a single negative or harmful side effect.

Q: How will I feel while I am doing the NRST protocol?
A: Most people will feel an overall improvement in energy and symptoms. Others with severe or long term conditions or allergies may notice a temporary drop in energy levels indicating the need for further detoxification and supplementation during the procedures.

Pre NRST Treatment Protocol

Medication should be taken as prescribed, but it is best to take after the visit.

Drink 16 oz. of water the day before each scan.

Drink 16 oz. of water, the day of each scan.

Do not eat 1 hour before and 2 hours after the treatment.

Take off jewelry, magnets and cell phones during the visit, leave them outside the room.

Woman – Please wear the thinnest white T-Shirt without a logo on back.

Men – shirts will be removed. Socks will be removed during the treatment.

Bring in anything you may think you are allergic to.  See below.

Treatment duration is approximately 60 minutes for a initial visit and 30 minutes for follow ups.

Water Matrix

Every so often a person will be having a reaction to something but we cannot identify in our system. We have 100’s of thousands of micro-frequencies in our system byre we don’t have everything. At this time are ask the the person follow the instructions below.
Bring the water samples to us and our systems will create a micro-frequencies of that sample of water and we can then send it back to your body. This technique works particular well when animal allergies, and seasonal allergies are happening.

  • Place a glass bowl of water in the three to four main areas you frequent, such as the living room, the kitchen, your office and the bedroom for 3-4 days adding more water when necessary.
  • After three to four days (making sure the water does not evaporate) combined all of the water into one container and place one cup into a clean glass jar with a lid.
  • If possible when you are allergic to dogs and cats take some of their drinking water and place it into the mix with some fur included.
  • Bring the water in with you in the sealed glass jar.