What clients say


Life Changing For Me

I don’t generally write reviews, but Dr. Holly’s AAT approach has  been  life‐changing  for me. For over a decade,  I’ve had to avoid gluten, dairy, and chocolate.  I also  recently learned that anything made from corn (seems like  just about everything!) caused me to have serious digestive issues.

I got  to the point, where I couldn’t comfortably eat in a restaurant, due to my fear of  inadvertently eating something “bad”.  Over  the last  week, I’ve consumed bread, beer, cheese, and chocolate without any ill effects whatsoever.  I’ve been seeing the  best Boston doctors for years for Crohn’s/colitis, but “modern medicine” couldn’t help  me with my  food issues.  I’ve also got a  list a mile long of unconventional ways of treating digestive disorders  that  I’ve  tried  to no avail, so this isn’t any kind  of placebo effect.  Holly’s approach is the real modern medicine! 


eczema off and on for my entire life…

“I have suffered from eczema off and on for my entire life. It usually appeared only on my hands, but when I lost my mother a year and a half ago, my entire body erupted. I contacted my dermatologist and she prescribed very strong steroid creams with instructions to sleep in wet pajamas. Although the eczema got better, it would not go away and erupted again as soon as I stopped using the cream. I knew I did not want a lifetime of steroid cream use but had nowhere to turn. My masseuse told me about Advanced Allergy Centers so I gave them a call. I began treatments with Lynn and the transformation has been unbelievable. The eczema has disappeared entirely in most of the areas and the few spots that remain are barely noticeable. The quality of my life has improved tremendously since I started treatment. I am so happy that I took a chance and invested in my health. I don’t necessarily know how it works, but I know it works.”


Peggy S.

…no sneezes or stuffed up nose.

“Wow! My son cleaned out the garage today and no sneezes or stuffed up nose. This treatment was great. Before these allergy treatments he wouldn’t last 5 minutes without becoming congested, start sneezing and become uncomfortable. He likes that there are no needles, it is painless and easy.”

Angela R.

ECZEMA Apprehensive? Don’t be…

Make the call. I hesitated to make the call for two months. I finally made the call when my daughter refused to wear any clothes that exposed her patches of eczema. I knew immediately that the Advanced Allergy team was there to help.

Within a few days of the first appointment, we saw results. By the second appointment, my daughter was wearing shorts and t-shirts. For those of you with children that have skin problems, I know you understand how emotional it is to see your child put on a t-shirt and let the world see their bare arms!

When the sessions are over, we will leave with higher self-esteem and a reminder to never accept things the way they are.

Thank You Advanced Allergy!

A Grateful Mom

Planter’s Warts? Who Would Have Thought?

I had horrible planter’s warts on the bottom of my big toe. I was told they were the “mosaic” type, 7 of them all clustered together. I first attempted to get rid of them with a pretty significant surgical procedure. I had expected that would be the end of it. Well I was wrong; they came back with a vengeance, doubling in size and were very uncomfortable. Next I tried having them frozen off with liquid nitrogen, but to no avail. They actually tried that procedure three times! For the next year and a half I tried many other remedies, including over-the-counter concoctions, banana peels, potato peels, a mixture of Bayer aspirin & castor oil, and even colloidal silver. I tried smothering the warts by wrapping my toe with tuck tape, which actually helped the most. But nothing really made a significant difference. The warts were bigger than ever and pretty “healthy” at that. Then I went for treatment at Advanced Allergy Centers in Salem, NH for headaches. While I was there I learned they also had a remedy for warts, so I asked them to add that to the treatment. Part of the treatment included direct laser right on the toe itself. Within hours I could see a difference…! No word of a lie, within 24 hours my toe was 75% better! The warts appeared to be gone, but the skin was very damaged and it was awhile longer before my toe healed completely. If someone had told me this treatment was going to work, I would not have believed them, I had put my faith in so many other remedies before and was always disappointed. At Advanced Allergy they explained to me that all of those other treatments were trying to heal the toe from the outside in, and that wasn’t working for me. This treatment works from the inside out… I felt as though it was a miracle, but I now understand that this treatment provided the support my body needed, allowing  it to heal itself…”

Before treatment

My toe 24 hours after treatment and 75% better! The warts are gone, but the skin was left very damaged…


My toe is completely healed after treatment at Advanced Allergy Centers. There were no additional types of treatment, just the body healing itself after the supportive treatment at AAC!

Wartless in NH

GLUTEN ALLERGY: “I have been eating gluten for almost 3 weeks again after years of not being able to…”

“I am 8 treatments in and have 2 left.. I would like to say that I have been eating gluten for almost 3 weeks again after years of not being able to. I am able to drink beer again, eat pizza, pretzels, pasta, and none of the “acid” attacks plus other more awful things.. The redness and irritation in the my skin on my face has calmed way down, and this has been the best allergy season, not that I had severe ones, but I don’t even have the usual minor cold symptoms from them.. I have noticed a lot of other changes, but those are the most impressive.. Thanks so much..”

Brian P.

GLUTEN ALLERGY …some pretty significant changes have occurred..

So far I have completed 5 of the ten sessions, and I must say some pretty significant changes have occurred.. I haven’t sneezed in a week! My digestion has greatly improved, I even ate wheat 3 days in a row without the usual, bloat, heartburn, and the up all night “acid reflux” and difficulty swallowing. My lymphatic circulation is so… much better, the node behind my ear that has been the size and as hard as a marble has almost gone away! That has been there for 32 years when I was stung by a bumble bee as a kid.. The skin on my face is less red, irritated and swollen.. I think I will try a beer for the first time in a long long time tonight to celebrate..


After 36 years of suffering from debilitating allergy symptoms to just  about everything — trees, grass, cats, foods, dust, you name it — I am  living a life free of debilitating allergic symptoms for the first time  EVER! I started my treatments about six months ago, starting with trees since it was Autumn at the time and that’s what my body was most reacting to the most. Then it was on to dust, cats, molds, grass, etc.  I can honestly tell you, these treatments have changed my life.  Never in my wildest imaginings would I have thought I could live without my allergy medications and tissues, or being able to eliminate those experiences like being at a friend’s house with cats and  feeling like I was just going to die.  And yes, I’ve been through it all – allergy tests several times in my life, starting in elementary school, (back then they would do the prick tests on your back and by the end it looked like you had been flogged – no joking) followed by many, many years of allergy injections to build up my immunity. (Which only worked by decreasing certain symptoms by about 20%) I’ve taken all sorts of drugs to combat my symptoms, spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on tissues, installing ACs in every window in my house, and at  the worst times of the years (Spring and Fall for me), I couldn’t even step outside. Forget opening up my windows on those most beautiful of spring days!  The treatments at Advanced Allergy Treatment Centers are quick, painless and actually quite relaxing.  There are no needles, no probing, no drugs and no huge time commitments.  I have to admit I was the biggest skeptic of all going in, and retained my skepticism for quite a few weeks. (I would joke I was going to get some more “snake oil” that day…) But I was also desperate.  After starting to see some marked improvements and testing myself by visiting my friend with the cat and having no typical symptoms, I slowly but steadily became a believer and now am a huge proponent of AATC.  I’ve never known what a “normal” person without allergies feels like, but NOW I DO!!! Thank God for AATC of New England!

Crystal O.

SINUSITIS: This treatment is my Fort Knox…

I have been suffering with allergy symptoms and sinusitis since I was in grade school. I saw a well known allergy office in the NH area and they tested me for allergies when I was 11. They put me on shots for 11 years. During that time, I suffered from sinus infection after sinus infection. The allergist continued to put me on the famous “Z-pak.” They had me try every nasal spray and allergy pill that was on the market. A few years after I stopped doing the shots, I was referred to an ENT, who ordered a sinus x-ray/CT scan, which was never ordered through the allergist. To no surprise, my sinuses were more than 85% blocked. He then recommended endoscopic sinus surgery. Fall of 2007 I had this horrible surgery, with 2-3 weeks of recovery time. Within 3 months, my sinuses blocked back up and all the membranes thickened. The ENT recommended I have the surgery again. I decided to go back to the allergist and they put me on antibiotics for 1 year straight. They felt this would correct my chronic sinusitis. By this point in time, I was extremely frustrated. My allergies kept me from doing things I wanted to do; the allergies also had me develop asthma where no medications were responding. The allergist wanted to have me get this new shot that prevents the body from producing IGE, which in turn would prevent asthma and allergy attacks. But to go along with those shots, they also said I should go back on allergy shots, probably for the rest of my life, as well as go back and get the sinus surgery 1 more time. That sealed the deal in my book that they had absolutely no solution to my chronic sinusitis and severe allergies.

Then a friend told me about his friend who went to Dr. Holly in Salem, NH who had a new and effective way to treat symptoms associated with allergies. My first couple visits, I was extremely skeptical of the entire process. However on my 3rd visit to Catherine in the Newington office, I had no doubt in my mind that this treatment works. I was treated for the dust family. After the treatment, my sinuses opened up like never before in my life. We are now coming into my worst season for allergy sypmtoms, and in the past, I would be sick as a dog. I am feeling the best I have ever in my life. I will make sure to tell EVERYONE I can about this treatment. As I said, this is my Fort Knox.