What to expect on your first visit


Please plan on being at the office for 1 hour.    Older children have access to a DVD player so please bring movies, books, etc… to keep them busy.  Our practitioners have set aside their time when we schedule a new patient.  We will ask for a $90 non-refundable booking fee when making your appointment that will be credited to your initial treatment.

The Initial session will take about 1 hour and will include a consultant, an assessment and a single treatment. All new patients are asked to call the office at 603-894-0656 to schedule the initial visit.  We will either mail or email you the new patient paperwork and instruction to follow for the visit.

Stressor assessments are based on the symptoms that the patient is experiencing. We also use medical allergy tests, when available from the patient, however they are not required.

The protocol will be explained to you on this visit and any financial options will be disclosed to you.

Initial Session fee is $190

Some Things that will help us help you:

Staying hydrated is an important part of staying healthy.  A well hydrated body is much easier to access for substances that maybe causing your symptoms that have been associated with allergies and sensitivities. .

Before each visit it is important to:

Drink 32 oz. of water the day before each appointment.
Drink 16 oz. of water, the day each appointment.

Do not eat 1 hour before and 3 hours after the your appointment.

Continue any prescription drugs, best taken after the visit.

If a doctor has you on prescription medications you need to discuss any changes with the prescribing doctor.  We offer no advise on this matter nor we will make any recommendations.